About the duathlon:

This is a great course for all ability levels. The course starts with a 2.6 mile run that follows the 5k course of the runners. At 2.6 miles you will reach the bike racks and transition area. Hop on your bike and head out of the park on 65th St. and then North on the Burke Gilman Trail. The bike turnaround is 5 miles out at NE 42nd PL NE. After the turn around you head back to the transition area for the remaining half mile sprint to the finish. Make sure your bib is visible in the transition area so we can get your split time.

A detailed course map is located below. All bicycles should be racked before 9:20am to leave time to get to the start line. The transition area will be open and staffed at 8:30am so you can leave your bike with our volunteers and get your bib. If you arrive late you can still compete. As you drive in to the park via 65th Ave you will see the bike rack station on your right and can drop your bike off there. We also have bike tags you can put on your bike. The bike rack volunteer has them for you. The transition area has room for you to lay any extra equipment you would like such as bike shoes ect... Riders will need to obey all traffic laws and know that the course is open to the public so please mind other trail users. Please be safe and allow ample room when passing, ride at a safe speed when other are present, stop at all stop signs. The course will be open for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The Duathlon as well as the 5k, 10k, and 15k will start at 9:30am. The start/finish line is the same for all events. If you would like to do the duathlon as a team that is ok. You can have one member do the run and one member do the bike leg, or you can have 3 members do one leg each, however you want to split it up works with us. Each member needs to register individually for the duathlon than send us an email about your team. We will send you a discount code for teams. Have your team members ready at the transition area. 


Leg 1: Run 2.5 miles. Leg 2: Bike ~10 miles. Leg 3: Run .5 miles to the finish!

Directions for the bike course:

  1. Head out of the park via 65th
  2. Cross Sand Point Way and bike up the hill
  3. Take a Right on the Burke-Gilman Trail
  4. Head North on the Burk-Gilman Trail for roughly 4.5 miles
  5. Make a U-Turn at 42nd PL NE and head back to the transition area
  6. Bike South on the Burke-Gilman to NE 65th St and take a Left down the hill
  7. Cross Sand Point Way and head back to the transition area

Duathlon leg 1:

There is only one run course so follow the runners until you reach the bike transition area. The run is 2.6 miles until you reach the bicycle transition turn off. 

Second leg: bike

Upon exiting the park cyclist will come to Sand Point Way and 65th st NE. All participants must wait for a green light, than head up 65th and take a right on the Burke Gilman trail. You head North on the trail until the turn around sign at 42nd PL NE. You than head back to the transition area. Also please be respectful of other trail users as the course is open.

3rd leg: Run

Half mile sprint to the finish!