Course Instructions

The course is a 5k loop that takes you through all the main attractions of Magnuson Park. The 5k is 1 loop, 10k is 2 loops and 15k is 3. As you approach the finish line there are two lanes a passing lane for those continuing on to a longer distance and a finish lane where you finish. Please have your bib visible at the finish.  The course is open to the public and some areas may have pedestrian traffic so please be courteous of other trail users. Also, please leave a passing lane on your left. We start taking down the course after 2 hours, if you need more time, we have an early start option at each race. You can start the race 1 hour early at any of our events. The course is mostly paved with sections of gravel trail as well as grass. There is one solid hill on the course but besides that it's pretty flat. The 5k is USATF Certified under course number WA21020RMBThe course is measured using the shortest possible route along all pathways. 

5k Run/Walk = 1 lap, 10k Run/Walk = 2 laps, 15k Run = 3 laps

15k Map | Half Marathon Map | Duathlon Map | Kids Dash Map Elevation Profile | 1 mile Map

We have an aid station every 3 miles. During the summer months we have an aid station every 2 miles.

Course Instructions

The course is a 5k loop so one lap for the 5k, two laps for the 10k and 3 laps for the 15k. When you arrive back to the finish line there will be a lane for passing through on your left and a finishing lane on your right. You will see the mile markers for the longer distance first as it is a 3.1 mile loop. 

Course Instructions

Run the 5k loop 4 times, then on your last lap you finish with our 1.097k loop. This gives you a 21.097k course which is a half marathon 13.1miles.


Run 2.6 miles, bike 10 miles, than sprint 1/2 a mile to finish!

Kids Dash 400meters

The kids dash heads 200m south on the course to a turn around and than heads back to the start for a total of 400 meters. Parents may run with their kid if they would like. The event starts 15min before the main event start time. The age range is from 2-10 years old.

1 mile

The race starts at our normal start/finish line and you start out running South, do a u-turn and cross the start line to the halfway point (800meters). You continue to follow the course which loops you back to the finish line.