About the series...

In 2007 we put on our first Earth Day run in Bellingham, WA. Getting people to enjoy the outdoors via running and walking as well as participating in bettering our environment we thought was a worthy cause. So, after our first event we decided to turn the race into a monthly series. Here we are today proudly presenting "a series for all seasons!" Join us for monthly running and walking events for individuals, duos, and groups, based at beautiful Magnuson Park on the shores of Lake Washington in northeast Seattle. Rain or shine, wind or calm, we'll be here to help you meet your fitness goals and new friends at the same time!

The Magnuson Series is part of the organization Earth Runs whose mission is to encourage outdoor activities and enhancing our natural environment. The series goal is to provide low-cost fitness events for all ability levels and at the same time fundraising for tree plantings around the city. Over the years we have planted over 5,000 trees. We also partner with other nonprofits to help them fundraise at our events, such as Teen Feed, Feeding America, the Mangrove Action Project, CNW youth team and more. The entry fee is a donation to our organization so we can continue to do the great work that we do.

About the course...

We keep the same course each month so you can have a measurement for improvement. Our easy to follow 5k loop allows you to easily gauge where you are which helps with maintaining your pace.

Positive effects of endurance training

  • Decreased risk of disease, and increased quality of life.
  • Increased production of red blood cells (erythrocytes), leading to greater oxygen carrying capacity.
  • Increased blood volume up to 3-4 L.
  • Lowers your resting heart rate, and decreases your blood pressure.
  • Enhances capacity for thermoregulation.
  • Positive effects on Central Nervous system, such as attention, short-term memory, and information processing speed.
  • Increased immune function.
  • Studies have shown that regular exercisers have a more positive attitude toward work than sedentary counterparts.
  • Exercise is effective in reducing psychological stress.