About the event

It's summer in Seattle and time to enjoy a run in the sun! We will have our 5k, 10k and 15k as well as our Half Marathon distance. We also have a 400 meter kids dash that is 15 minutes before the event. Each finisher receives a medal and there will be random prizes and organic snacks at the finish line. 


Day of race registration and bib pick up: 8am-9:20am

Kids Dash: 9:15am

All events: 9:30am



Finisher Medal

Each participant will receive a Magnuson Series twinkle medal. This is half marathon is also part of the Washington Half Marathon Series runner challenge. Run 4 or more races in the series and you can earn a special Washington Series medal as well. 


400 meter kids dash

15 minutes before the main event we always hold a 400 meter dash for the kids.

Half Marathon Course Map

The Half start at the same time as all the other events. The course is a 5k loop. For the half you must run it 4 full times, then after your 4th lap there is a mini loop (in red) that you do as your 5th lap and it will bring you to the finish. 

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